Our Jack-of-all-trades, the Glasboy 380
Our Jack-of-all-trades, the Glasboy 380

Glasboy 380

Glasboy 380

Our Jack-of-all-trades, the Glasboy 380

  • Narrow profile
  • Optimum transport of Glasboy® and glass panes on a passenger car trailer
  • Quick and simple handling
  • Can also be used in shop passages
  • Exhaust-free work indoors thanks to its electrical drive
  • Precise and fast lifting movements of the hydraulic crane are possible
  • 3-dimensional suction head for hydraulic tilting, pivoting and rotating the glass panes; all functions proportional
  • Installed rotating crane allows simple and infinite rotation of the glass panes
  • 600 / 1000 kg lifting capacity
  • Simple work with the Glasboy® due to its low unladen weight
  • Problem-free use for large glass panes
  • Optimal, effective manoeuvrability through precise radio control

Made in Germany

“Made in Germany” quality
Our Glasboy is exclusively developed and manufactured in our own workshops by trained specialists in Germany.


Glasboy 380 technical specifications

Glasboy: 3 hydraulic thrust pieces and manual arm extension (max. 6.80 m jib working radius)
Overall height: 1950 mm
Overall width at the rubber tracks: 900 mm
Overall length: 3400 mm
Weight with suction head: 2000 kg
Suction head: 175 kg
Pivot range: 330 degrees / 4 continuously pivoting support feet
Engine: Kubota Diesel
Drive: Hydrostatic
Radio control: Yes / optional

Glasboy 380 load diagram / dimensions


Glasboy 380 with 600 kg suction unit
Optional 7.5 m / 150 kg


Product at work

Glasboy 380 at work

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Glasboy im Einsatz

Unser Programm als PDF

Rental service

Glasboy 380

Of course, you can also rent our machines for your purposes. We have set up a nearly comprehensive rental service that you can ask us about over the telephone. All information on this and the prices are calculated based on your individual requirements and requests and submitted to you.

Our Glasboy can only be rented with a specialist!


Free machine demonstration


Of course, you can also learn more about our products in-person.
We can provide you with a free machine demonstration at our facilities in Allmannsweiler, Germany.
Kindly make an appointment with us and tell us which product you would like to learn more about in-person!

Our contact form is available if you have any questions. You can enter your requests in the text field on our form:

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