Our monster – the Glasbox 5300
Our monster – the Glasbox 5300

Glasboy 5300 – the special solution


The Glasboy 5300 is a special design for glazing extremely heavy glass panes. In our photo above, you can see 1 glass pane with a length of over 11000 cm and a height of approx. 3000 cm.
The weight was about 5083 kg.

Transporting and placing the glass elements requires precise and exact control. Here, 2 Glasboy 5300s were controlled by specialists via radio with mm-level precision.
Safety and perfection were also priority number one in this massive project. The Glasboy 5300 is also of course designed so that even small and medium-sized pane can be transported and placed.


Made in Germany

“Made in Germany” quality
Our Glasboy is exclusively developed and manufactured in our own workshops by trained specialists in Germany.


Free machine demonstration


Of course, you can also learn more about our products in-person.
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