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Dumper truck
Making transport child’s play.
The dumper truck is made to customer specifications.
It is built according to the relevant machine directives and is CE-compliant.
It comes in the size:
Marker90 cm width with 2000 kg lift capacity
(On request other sizes are available!)
Supplementary equipment:
MarkerClamshell holder approx. 400 liters, opening at the bottom with suspension    chains at the top
MarkerPallet fork for transporting Euro pallets and objects up to 2000 kg
MarkerTipping skip - approx. 600 liters
MarkerShredder – up to approx. 10 cm diameter - with gasoline engine
MarkerShredder cage – sizes to suit requirements
MarkerSnow blade with snow slider and swivel unit on left and right
MarkerTimber loading cage – up to one cubic meter of solid timber
Marker Dumper truck - data:
Weights and dimensions: - Machine weight: approx. 800 kg
  - Caterpillar width: 890 mm
- Overall length: 1950 mm
- Overall height: 1350 mm
- Maximum loading capacity: 2000 kg
- Loading volume: approx. 0.6 m³
Engine: Kubota
(diesel engine, sound-insulated)
- Cylinders: 3
- Max. power: 17 HP
- Top speed: 6 km/h
Dumper body:
- Tipping equipment:
- Tipping angle:

- Loading area:
- Tailboard height:
- Special feature:

Hydraulic 3-way tipper on request
Forwards approx. 60 degrees,
sideways approx. 50 degrees
Width 700 mm, length 1,000 mm
300 mm
Removable tailboard
All parts are guaranteed for 2 years
Delivery approx. 10-12 weeks after receipt of order.
Riebsamen’s general terms and conditions apply.
Free delivery and operator briefing within Germany.
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